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My name is Renée I am a 500hr certified Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach. I lead weekly Yoga classes at the Holistic Hub in Livingston.


My mission is to help my clients to feel their best.  Achieving Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness through my One Wellness Coaching Programme which is designed to elevate your life to the next level! 

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I look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals!

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Renée x 



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" I had wanted to try Yoga for a long time and lacked the body confidence to go to a class. Renee made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the beginning always offering her guidance throughout the class. She has given me the confidence to try yoga positions I would only have dreamed of doing. Not only am I fitter but also less stressed and I feel like a different person after each class. I'm now doing yoga 3 nights per week with Renee and use her techniques at home too."



"After trying and not really enjoying Yoga a few times, I gave Renee’s classes a try. Simply amazing. She supported me as a beginner but has adaptations in class so everyone gets the most out of their practice. So approachable with lots of useful knowledge. Whatever level you are at I would recommend her classes.I’ve not looked back, am still a novice but absolutely love Yoga now. the Yin classes are particularly good for getting a bit of calm and grounding in your life."




"Love, love, love Renee's Hot Yoga

It's something I've been wanting to try for quite sometime & when Renee came along so close by there was no excuses, I'm hooked and the benefits/progress I feel I'm making so far I'm very impressed and grateful to be part if these sessions Also now have dome friends coming along with me who aldo enjoy very much Sx"


"As a mum of 2 little ones and a 3rd year student, life can be described as a little wild and stressful. Renees classes are like my little sanctuary and take me to a different place. I love how there is no judgement on body size or ability, every one just focuses on their own practice and goals. After the classes Renee allows me to feel empowered, relaxed and ready to power through another week" 



"As a beginner I was really nervous about attending my first yoga class but Renees teaching style made it really easy to understand and connect. Her classes are amazing and I like how you can challenge yourself as different options are given to choose from. I always leave feeling like I've had a good workout but also feel really chilled! "



"I can't believe after 52 years I'm just trying Yoga now. My daughter in law brought me to one of Renees classes and I am hooked. I am noticing a difference in my flexibility already! Thanks Renee!" 



“I have tried yoga before and never really got into it but loved Renee’s beginner class. She really looks out for you and is very patient!

Will definitely be going back.”